Welcome to the website for the Class of 1956 of the High School of Music and Art (now LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts), in New York City.

This new site is under construction. To view the original site, please go to: http://musicandart1956.org/Archive

This website provides an intersection between past and present including:

  • 60th Reunion Information & Photos- June 11, 2016 (plus events on June 10 & 12)
  • memorabilia from our time at M&A,
  • photos of our 50th reunions,
  • The Way We Were morphing into The Way We Are (please send your autobiographies),
  • continuing our “reunions” at the Salons. (See summaries and photos of some Salons on this website),
  • sharing the stories of our personal journeys in person at the Conversations,
  • giving back to the current students. There is currently a matching gift fund established by Lester Pincu.

For more information, please contact sandra.masur@mssm.edu.                                                   See (and make additions to):                                                                              https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_High_School_of_Music_%26_Art