Music – Poetry 2016

The “Music” and Oral Part of our Variety Show was produced by Margo Weiss Astrachan

A highlight was the shenanigans necessary to get a working piano (this required accumulating three pianos through the resourcefulness of Vic Schuster and Connie Boykan and the muscular efforts of Vic Schuster, Barry Rein and Stanley Rosenzweig).

The show began with reading the names of our classmates who are no longer here and who will live on in our memories as teenagers. (See In Memoriam on this website.)

Music and oral presentations by:    Edna Garte, Rebecca Daniels, George Nelson Preston, Bette Ann Solomon Moskowitz, Andrea Hoffman Bardfield, Jeffrey Mandelbaum (Linda Fischer Monssen’s student), Michael Altschuler, Avron Soyer, Beverly McIntosh Green, Ben Lanzarone and Ilene Graff (who performed at Birdland two days later).

Photos by Beth Bergman.

Program for 60th Reunion 6-11-16