Autobiography Instructions

Every one of us has an interesting story to tell. Give us your memories, history, passions, regrets, funny stories, goals, dreams, achievements, challenges—whatever you want to share in your own words, up to 1,000 of them. Choose prose or poetry—or a piece of art, a song, a musical composition, or another medium of expression to tell your story that we will then post on our blog: The Way We Are. The Way We Were.

Classmates will be interested in your personal memories from our shared adolescence (a time of “normal psychosis,” Anna Freud called it) and in your current life and inner world, to show the way you were and are. Below are some prompts to get your juices flowing about what to say. Don’t even think of tackling all of them; pick just one or a few that grab you (or ignore them all, and just create your piece to your own prompt).

M&A Memories

• Do you remember an encounter with a teacher or friend at M&A that made a difference in your life?

• What were your enthusiasms, insights, beliefs, agonies, or triumphs while in high school?

• How did the historical/political/social circumstances of the ’50s affect your high school years?

Life After M&A

• How did your M&A experience relate to your life after high school?

• What role has the arts played in your life?

• What were the most significant events in your family life, work life, civic life, and personal relationships?

• What endeavors have given you the most satisfaction? What personal adversities have you learned the most from?

• Has spiritual life been important to you?

Life Now

• Are you retired, working, or in between? What are your thoughts about retirement?

• Is your life changing these days? How? What are your feelings about these changes?

• What are your plans and dreams now?

Send your piece to one of the four contacts listed above—no more than 1,000 words, please, to keep this site manageable. If possible, submit your piece as a Word file (or Rich Text Format file) attached to an email to any of the contacts (above right) or mail it to Zippie.

Or send a digital reproduction of your art or music or other medium that you’ve chosen to express your thoughts in for this page of our website.

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