The Conversations were begun during the 2008-09 season as the offspring of the Salons with the goals of sharing the stories of our personal journeys, the situations that we now find ourselves in and learning how others are dealing with such things.

To promote a more intimate setting for the Conversations compared to the Salons, the Conversations are limited to about 15 participants and take place around a table during a potluck Sunday brunch about every 6 weeks

Topics have been open and general enough to catch and share the richness and nuance of the diversity of our experiences and interests.

Topics so far:

  • Retirement: to retire or not, having a life’s work, use of our
    energies, structure, how we define ourselves
  • Relationships: people, influences that have helped shape, divert,
    inspire our lives. Those we choose and those we don’t.
  • Changes: the physical, emotional, situational changes that we encounter now, and how we open to them, how we deal with those that are positive and with those that are challenging.

Sunday, December 13, 2009      12:30 PM

REVISITING CREATIVITY: Is it Still a Factor in Our Lives?

Over a delicious brunch, we’ll continue to share from our own experiences—thought-provoking as well as funny—as we look at:

  • how our definitions of creativity have changed
  • the importance  of creativity in our lives now, both in large and small ways
  • the pressures we put on ourselves to be creative
  • the kinds of creative projects we’re involved with—in the arts and otherwise

 Reservation limited to 15. Please respond to:

For more information about Conversations, please contact Linda Monssen, Conversations  Convener