Our Autobiographies

  • Bette Ann Solomon Moskowitz Bette Ann Solomon Moskowitz

    Getting Sentimental and Naming Names: A Memory Test
    (Read by Bitsi on our 60th Reunion)
    Sometimes out of nowhere, sometimes out of somewhere, the names come, and I see the faces, as clearly as if I were looking at photos.  Sometimes I dig out the yearbook and check.  Saying names is like recovering the words ... Read more

  • Leah Schleifer Cohen Leah Schleifer Cohen

    As an ex-pat wife with two sons we lived in Puerto Rico twice, Caracas, Pittsburgh, Manhattan and England. I Founded an art students league in San Juan called La Liga Del Arte de San Juan in ’68. It’s still going on and one of the most important art schools in PR. In Caracas, we joined ... Read more

  • Sarah Bishop Minton (Ethel Rice) Sarah Minton

    My name at M&A was Ethel Rice. I have since changed my hated first name from Ethel to SARAH (my dear grandmother’s name).
    I have been married to my current husband, Paul Minton, a Cardiologist, for 45 years and raised our blended family of six boys, who were 6, 6, 6.5, 8.5, 9 and 10 ... Read more

  • Carlos A. Nazario Carlos A Nazario

    After graduating M&A in 1956 I studied and graduated from Fordham University. My wife, Arlene and I got married on 6/24/1961.
    I had received my US Army commission while at Fordham and entered active duty in July 1065. As a transportation officer I served in Germany, Korea, and Ft. Eustis, Va.
    After four years of ... Read more

  • Regrets – We Can’t Be at the 60th Reunion Castle

    From Leah Schleifer Cohen

    Hello ’56 Fellow Grads
    I wish I could be there with you all. I’m in England and this isn’t a good time to go to the States though it would be wonderful to see our group again. I wonder how many I’d recognise or who would recognise me. So many years have ... Read more

  • Sandra Kazahn Masur Sandra Kazahn Masur

    A family financial disaster in the summer of 1956 sent me to CCNY instead of Bennington, and I became a scientist instead a potter. The wealth and breadth of courses at CCNY was exhilarating and I was able to have a dual major in Biology and in Esthetics: Art History and Criticism.

    Immediately after graduation, I ... Read more

  • Zippie Weiss Collins Zippie Weiss Collins

    I retired in 2011 from a wonderful mostly-freelance book editing career of 51 years, working on everything from  fiction and poetry to nursing texts to gardening manuals to ecological studies to art books to knitting guides to law books to cookbooks (some by Jacques Pépin). I helped found an editors’ cooperative, called Editcetera in the San ... Read more

  • Carol Blumenthal Ochs Carol Blumenthal Ochs

    Of all my educational experiences, Music and Art was certainly the most formative. I have never been tempted to go to my college reunion (City College) or to my graduate school (Brandeis, Ph.D. in philosophy). But Music and Art touched not only my intellect but my soul. The major influence was Renaissance Chorus of New ... Read more

  • Dorothy Kohn Schwartzberg Dorothy Kohn Schwartzberg

    I’ve lived a wonderful life, perhaps an ecstaticly thrilled life. For the last 36 years I’ve been a “massage therapist”, working in the healing arts with the human body. Awe, devotion, gratitude! These are my daily companions. Emet! Sometimes I feel so close to the root of life, to the living moment, that I feel ... Read more

  • Hope Rauch Neuberger Hope Rauch Neuburger

    My life has not been adventurous or unusual, but it has been filled with happiness.
    I married right after college and had 2 children.
    We moved to Westchester, because the schools were too crowded ( 50 children in one kindergarten class).

    I worked in our family business for 40 years.
    I retired last year.
    We were ... Read more

  • Joyce Ship Zaritsky Joyce Ship Zaritsky

    It’s been a fascinating ride. I never would have expected where it would lead me. After M&A I attended Brandeis University and then got an  MAT  from Harvard Graduate School of Education, then an MM from Yale. I taught vocal music for a while at a public high school and decided it wasn’t for me. ... Read more

  • Richard Hammerschlag Richard Hammerschlag

    As a quickest of personal updates, I retired for the second time in 2009 (after 10 years of Acupuncture Research) and have most recently helped to birth a small organization called CHI, the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (www.chi.is) that has been exploring/promoting ‘biofields’ (energy medicine) as complementary to the more traditional biochemistry model for describing ... Read more

  • Jonathan Ned Katz Jonathan Ned Katz

    Jonathan Ned Katz is an independent scholar, historian, and visual artist. He has published four books on the history of sexuality and intimacy: Love Stories: Sex Between Men Before Homosexuality (2001); The Invention of Heterosexuality (1995); Gay/Lesbian Almanac (1983), and Gay American History: Lesbians and Gay Men in the U.S.A. (1976).

    Katz also published two books ... Read more

  • Annie Drazen Korzen Annie Korzen

    I was Anne Drazen, now Annie Korzen.
    Wife, mother, and grandmother, happy to say.
    We live in Los Angeles but am still a New Yorker at heart.
    I am a comedy writer and actor: the recurring Doris Klompus on SEINFELD, and Moth Radio Hour storyteller.
    My new solo show will be produced in L. A. ... Read more

  • Gary Alexander Azerier Gary Azerier

    Gary Alexander Azerier is a broadcaster with an extensive background in radio journalism.

    After serving with the Informational Services Office of the Second U.S. Marine Division, Gary also taught English and Radio Communications on the university level in Boston, Westchester and New York.
    With his spouse Rose Ann he divides his time among his three homes ... Read more

  • Alan Hirschhorn Alan Hirschhorn

    – I attended Fenn College (now Cleveland State University) as an Engineering student in the Co-op program.  Working in industry demonstrated to me that engineering was not my “cup of tea”.  

    – While still a student at Fenn, I ... Read more

  • Michael Jonah Altschuler Michael Altschuler's drawing

    Karate-Chopping Trees in Central Park
    NY Times Metropolitan Diary

    Dear Diary:
    I am a Central Park Conservancy volunteer tree pruner.
    Dragging a small black cherry tree to my cut pile, I heard the familiar “red light-green light, pace setter” getting increasingly close as the Central Park ... Read more

  • Grace Freundlich Grace Freundlich

    M&A Memories

    The only time I ever had advice from a guidance teacher was when I met Miss Riley, my first art teacher, in the corridor near the stairs as there was a class change. She was my guidance teacher, but I never had contact with her in that capacity, as I had no clue about ... Read more

  • Adele Schofler Weissman

    I was a music major. Came in on piano; played the cello in the orchestra. The years have flown by, and now my husband and I are both retired after careers with the NYC Board of Education. We have three adult daughters and five grandkids.

    I’d like to share the following news: Our daughter Carol J. ... Read more

  • Art Levy Arthur Levy and Bertha, the String Bass

    Arthur Levy and Bertha, the String Bass

    At my interview, piano audition, for entry into the High School of Music and Art in 1952, I was prepared for an important question: “What secondary musical instrument would you like to study?” Aware of the sexiest instrument in Brooklyn at that time, there was no competition. ... Read more

  • Beth Bergman Beth Bergman

    “Autobiography” of sorts . . . Memory Lane and observation
    I’m a dreamer, always have been. In high school I floated along loving music and gym. In college I floated along loving music and swimming. If I’d been asked what I wanted to be I would have answered professional clarinetist, detective, nurse, musical conductor, head ... Read more

  • Happy Traum Happy Traum

    My experience at Music and Art shaped everything I did and all I became throughout my life. I entered as a very naive and relatively untalented art student, but I soon discovered – inside the school halls and outside in Morningside Park – Folk Music. Fellow students much hipper than I was introduced ... Read more

  • Dorita Schneck Berger Dorita Schneck Berger

    Dorita Schneck Berger is a concert pianist, an educator and a board certified music therapist. She has recently received a Fulbright Senior Specialist award to teach and present information on music therapy, at Petro Mohyla Black Sea Mykolayiv University, in the Ukraine. Dori will  present a lecture on Music Therapy in the U.S. at an ... Read more

  • George Hofmann "Rain,Sun", acrylic on linen, 60 x 48 in, 2008/09. George Hofmann

    “Rain,Sun”, acrylic on linen, 60 x 48 in, 2008/09.

    40 years of work by George Hofmann
    at the
    Martinez Gallery
    3 Broadway,
    Troy, New  York.
    (518) 274-9377

    The show opens Friday, April 24, and runs thru June 20, 2009.
    There is a reception on Friday, May 8, from 6-8 PM.
    Catalogs available at the gallery.

    Read more
  • Paula Eisenstein Baker Paula Eisenstein Baker

    Paula Eisenstein Baker (University of St. Thomas, Houston) and Robert S. Nelson (Moores School of Music, University of Houston) have co-edited a critical edition of chamber music by Leo Zeitlin (1884-1930), a member of the early-20th-century St. Petersburg Society for Jewish Folk Music.

    Virtually all the thirty-two works are on Jewish themes (most of the works ... Read more

  • Marian Zazeela and La Monte Young Marian Zazeela and La Monte Young


    Featured in
    The Third Mind: American Artists Contemplate Asia, 1860–1989
    January 30–April 19, 2009

    Guggenheim Museum

    “DREAM HOUSE: SEVEN+EIGHT YEARS of SOUND and LIGHT, a collaborative SOUND and LIGHT ENVIRONMENT by composer La Monte Young and visual artist Marian Zazeela,

    For complete press release, reviews, photos, biographies and  more information please go ... Read more

  • Nancy Salomon Reardon Flynn Nancy Salomon Reardon Flynn

    On Camera: How to Report, Anchor & Interview
    Nancy’s new book that teaches you how to become professional and effective on camera. Based upon a career’s worth of inside stories for the world of reporting – insights toward helping you develop your professional skills.


    Read more
  • Ben Lanzarone Ben Lanzarone

    Composer, musician, conductor.
    He was the winner of ASCAP’s Most Performed Composer Award.


    Read more