People on Their Passions: Music & Art ’56 & Friends Salon

Members of M&A Class of 1956 have created the “M&A’56 Salon” as an enjoyable and intellectually stimulating way to stay in touch with each other after our 50th reunion in June 2006. The Salon idea was hatched at the reunion and alumni in the tri-state NYC area now gather at a Salon about every six weeks.

Salons are hosted in a member’s home and feature a presentation of one classmate’s passion. Attendees contribute to the pot luck supper. These have been wonderfully stimulating and warm events.

Salons so far:

George Preston’s presentation of African art in his home which is also the Museum of Art and Orgins.

Mimi Segal Daitz on Estonian music & composer Veljo Tormis (the topic of her book, Ancient Song Recovered).

Carol Blumenthal Ochs on religion as a form of aesthetics.

Jonathan Ned Katz – his research and books on sexual history (especially, The Invention of Heterosexuality).

Linda Fischer Monssen about teaching counter-tenors (with demonstration).

Priscilla Alexander on the rights of sex workers.

Alan Siegel & Mamie Spiegel’s Woodstock house happening.


George Hofmann about “feeling” in visual art.

Michael Ochs: Mozart’s Music in Movies that are Not About Mozart.

Phyllis Baron Plattner – Her monumental painting series, Chronicles of War, inspired by early Italian Renaissance altar pieces.

Communal 70th Birthday Party – Schooner tour of New York Harbor and Waterfalls (Eliasson) and food at Carolyn Bitterbaum Feigelson’s

Cora Gordon – a violin recital with pianist Rita Greenstein (music by Corelli, Prokofiev, John Williams, and Mendelssohn).

Dorita Schneck Berger – “Take 2 CDs and Call Me in the Morning”, music as a treatment modality for Autism.

Victor Schuster – on “The Biology of Morality”

Kathy MacDonald’s Studio and Home at Stony Point, NY

Michael Ochs – “Welcoming Elijah in 1920s Chicago: Mendelssohn in Yiddish Socialist Clothing”

Stephen Daitz    How Do We Know the Sound of Greek Poetry in 5th Century BCE Athens and Does It Matter?”

Larry Harlow (our Larry Kahn) – “How a Jewish Boy from Brooklyn Became an International Star of Afro-Cuban Music”

Richard Hammerschlag (our Richard Hamerschlag)-”Ways of Knowing: Acupuncture and Energy Medicine through Western Eyes””

Robert (Bob) Ubell – “Is On-Line Learning Any Good? An Interactive Talk and Demonstration”

Jane Kaufman,founding member of the Decorative Art Movement and a Guerilla Girl: “Life as an Artist and Feminist and Anti-War Activist”

Christine Leo Roussel – “The Art & Sculpture of Rockefeller Center”

Victor Schuster – “How Science Works”

Sandy Kazahn Masur – “The XX Files: The Mystery of the Missing Women Scientists”

Red Diaper Babies Panel: Mimi Segal Daitz, Jonathan Ned Katz, David Simpson, Elly Weiss Strauss

Rosanne M. Leipzig, MD, PhD “ A Better Way Out: A Conversation About Death, Decline, and the Dying Process” 

Beth Bergman – “Through the Looking Glass: A Whimsical Photo Tour of My Career of Documenting Vocalizers, Feathered or Not.”

Michael Schwartz and Bette Ann Solomon Moskowitz – Summer Salon in the Country

Andree Abecassis – “Portfolio, 1954-2015: From the Nikon to the iPhone”

Bob Cenedella – “Art Bastard” (Documentary starts June 3 @ Angelica and Lincoln Plaza Theaters)


Salons are being planned well into 2017. For more information contact:

Elly Weiss

Sandy Kazahn Masur

Depending on who volunteers, the Salons may be solo class member presentation, presentations by two or more people or by the friend or partner of a classmate.

The topics have and will include the visual arts, music, history, education, communication, science and technology, psychology and the healing arts and other topics of interest. The speakers strive to convey their own passionate interest to their audience.

Volunteer to Present If you would like to present, please briefly describe the subject and if you can host the event, and send it to:

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